2019 Beauty & Blogging Resolutions

We’re already halfway through January, but here are my beauty-related resolutions (and some other resolutions) for 2019! 1. Maintain a replacement-only makeup no-buy through March (and possibly longer). It seems like everyone on the Internet is undertaking a year-long no-buy in 2019. While I admire that level of dedication, I don’t think it’s the right… Read More 2019 Beauty & Blogging Resolutions

Anti-Haul: Mauve/Plum/Purple Eyeshadow Palettes

Despite the flood of new eyeshadow palettes in the past few years, I own just a few: Modern Renaissance, Naked2 Basics, a nine-pan custom theBalm palette, and a magnetic palette containing, among other things, slightly less than half (five shades) of a depotted theBalm Nude ‘Tude. The newest palette in my collection is Modern Renaissance,… Read More Anti-Haul: Mauve/Plum/Purple Eyeshadow Palettes

7 Days of Glossier, Day 0: Introduction

Things have been quiet on the blog, due to my ongoing job applications and financial uncertainty. Until those situations resolve, I’ll have to keep minimizing non-essential spending. Yet, miraculously, I also have eight new Glossier products in my life: This haul was made possible entirely by readers who gave me Glossier store credit by shopping… Read More 7 Days of Glossier, Day 0: Introduction