Lipstick Chronology #8: Laura Mercier Bare Lips

Name: Laura Mercier Sheer Lipstick in Bare Lips

Date of Purchase: Late 2011

Grade: B+

Notes: Bare Lips was my first high-end beauty purchase, and my first purchase—though, sadly for my grad-student wallet, not my last—from the Bluemercury a few blocks from campus. Unfortunately for poor Bare Lips, it’s become linked in my mind with my trip to Seattle in January 2012, which would have been nothing more than a lovely reunion with old friends if my suitcase, containing almost all the clothes I owned, hadn’t disappeared somewhere between San Francisco and Seattle. “We’ve had a lot of thefts from the baggage carousel recently,” said the nonchalant airport employee. I cried almost constantly for the next few days, until my suitcase turned up at the Seattle airport, having been mislabeled in San Francisco and put on the wrong airline. So all ended well, but I’ll always associate the strong cotton-candy scent of Bare Lips with that ordeal. Sorry, BL. Not your fault. But look how much I used it before that!

Bare Lips is a sheer mauve, distinguished from other my-lips-but-better shades by its reddish-plum undertones. Here it is swatched between NARS Dolce Vita (left) and NARS Last Tango (right). All three lipsticks could be described as dusty rose, tea rose, old rose, rosewood, or any other iteration of “rose” that the beauty industry has invented. But compared to the pinkish Dolce Vita and the beige-leaning Last Tango, Bare Lips is distinctly ruddy:

I haven’t worn it in quite a while, because my go-to MLBB for the past year has been Dolce Vita, which is far more moisturizing and comfortable than Bare Lips. But since my poor sad tube of Dolce Vita has only a few more swipes left in it, I might try and use up Bare Lips (and Last Tango, for that matter) before repurchasing Dolce Vita. BL does look very nice on:

I tend to be suspicious of people for whom the best descriptor is “nice,” and I feel similarly about lipsticks. Laura Mercier is nothing if not a nice brand, which probably explains why I’ve never given it a second look. But sometimes you just want to look nice, you know?

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