Review: Maybelline Nighttime Noise

It’s hard to resist a $4 nail polish when you’re armed with a $4 CVS coupon.

I’d been wanting a black-glitter topcoat for some time, and was drawn yesterday to Maybelline’s Street Art polishes, which feature matte colored glitter in addition to black: there’s a very pale pink, a neon pinky red, a yellow-green, and a robin’s-egg blue. But Nighttime Noise was the one that immediately caught my eye, with its similarity to International Klein Blue:

I have a tremendous weakness for all varieties of royal-cobalt-electric blue. I’m less fond, though, of Maybelline’s futile attempt to be edgy. A large cosmetics company has nothing to do with street art. Give it up, guys. Especially when two coats of Nighttime Noise over three of Essie Marshmallow evoke nothing so much as Delft porcelain, at least to my Baroque-biased eyes:

Nighttime Noise contains black and blue microglitter, black and blue medium hexagonal glitter, blue bar glitter, and large black and blue hex glitter, all floating in a clear base. The larger glitter bits are more elusive, and I had to do some strategic fishing to catch them. I was worried that the blue glitter would look black from afar, but the two colors are nicely differentiated. I’m already scouring my collection for colors that will play well with Nighttime Noise; I’d love to try a dark green base, or coral-red, or burgundy, or even a different shade of dark blue.


But white is just fine for now.

Look, a wall. STREET ART. I need to stop making fun of products I like.

One thought on “Review: Maybelline Nighttime Noise

  1. […] I’m not the first person to consider the Color Tattoos (with a couple of exceptions) some of the best beauty products at the drugstore. They’re cream eyeshadows in adorable, satisfyingly heavy glass pots, and they can be used either on their own or as long-lasting bases for powder shadows. Most of us have heard that cream eyeshadows should be stored upside down (I trust this isn’t a myth…?), but I’d probably never remember to do that if not for the ingenious design of the Color Tattoos. The glass “lid” is actually the pot that holds the product, while the black plastic “bottom” is the screw-off lid. I’ve never encountered another drugstore product packaged in real glass; it feels almost luxurious. The colors all have “edgy” names (tattoos = edgy, dontchaknow), because Maybelline hasn’t realized that few things are more ridiculous than a major cosmetics brand pretending to be streetwise. See also their “Street Art” nail polishes. […]


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