Beauty Abroad, Part 6: The Reckoning

I can’t believe how quickly these five weeks have passed, but today was my last full day in the UK. Though I still have several new products to review on the blog for my Beauty Abroad series, I thought I’d use this post for a brief roundup of all the makeup I’ve bought here.

First, a bird’s-eye view of my haul of shame:

And an inventory–I’ve linked to the reviews I’ve already written, and starred the products I have yet to post about.

Barry M Nail Lacquers in Sugar Apple and Shocking Pink (reviews); *Barry M Basecoat/Topcoat:

(I’m not planning to review the base/topcoat because such things either work or they don’t, and this one works just fine. Takes a while to dry, but seems to protect my polish a bit more effectively than my usual Revlon Quick-Dry.)

*Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Zygomatic:

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadows in 251 and 270; Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 16 (reviews):

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Across the Universe (review):

*Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Stick in Blamed Blue:

Sleek blushes in Life’s a Peach (review) and Flushed (review):

*Topshop Nail Lacquers in Brazil (left) and Clique:

*Topshop Chameleon Glow in Wax & Wane:

Not pictured: the Maybelline One by One mascara I bought to replace the mascara I forgot at home. It’s not a new product to me, and it’s available worldwide, so I don’t plan to write a review. It’s a good lengthening mascara for a natural look, though–the second-best I’ve found after CoverGirl LashBlast Length.

So much stuff! I didn’t go into debt or anything, but it’s more than I would have bought in a normal five-week period. I’m just waiting for the guilt to kick in; give it a minute. But I’m glad that I escaped Europe with only one new lip product, pushed myself outside my neutral-eyeshadow comfort zone, and built up my blush collection from two to five. And no dupes or even near-dupes among those five! I now have a medium rose, a bright clear fuchsia, a peach, a red-plum, and a pink-beige. Not too shabby. As I suspected, 2014 has become my Year of Blush.

And because it feels like forever since I’ve posted a photo of myself, here’s today’s face. A simple nothing look with just a bit of color, but I’m happy with it.

Products used: CoverGirl concealer for undereye circles (lolz, clearly I need a better one); theBalm Sleek eyeshadow patted into my brows; Kiko 251 eyeshadow over NARS Lhasa (as I suspected, the Kiko lavender works beautifully with the purple sheen in Lhasa); Maybelline One by One mascara; Illamasqua Zygomatic cream blush; Revlon Pink Truffle lip butter.

Adjusted for preprandial cocktails with Maybelline Brazen Berry lipstick and magically flaw-correcting evening light:

Once I’m back home, I’m going to write up my thoughts on the differences between British and American approaches to beauty. For now, though, let’s just hope I can fit all this in my suitcase.

4 thoughts on “Beauty Abroad, Part 6: The Reckoning

  1. None of this is shameful, although I did chuckle at THE RECKONING.You were still being careful and selective, and there's probably a rule somewhere that nail polishes have to be purchased in multiples… Looking forward to that post on the American/Brit approaches!


  2. Don't you love that magical evening light? It's fabulous stuff, and best of all, free (no matter how much Hourglass might want you to buy their pressed version)! :-DI know exactly what you mean about the guilt. Despite having saved up for my Dubai trip specifically to get makeup, and despite having saved unimaginable amounts of money over what I'd have paid here, the guilt has come upon me. Cried the Lady of Boughtalot, presumably. 🙂


  3. I've long been curious about the Hourglass powders, but not curious enough to actually buy one. Why should I when I can just position myself in front of a window from 5 to 8 pm?I can't wait to see what the Lady of Boughtalot bought! \”She knows not what the curse may be, and so she buyeth steadily, and little other care hath she…\”


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