Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in Golden Mauve

Hey there! Just a quick review to prove to you that I haven’t quit blogging, and to prove to myself that there’s more to life than watching American democracy go down the toilet while I revise my dissertation abstract for the dozenth time. Today we’ll look at a product I’ve been using and enjoying for almost three months: Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 36 Golden Mauve.

I bought Golden Mauve back in June at the new Kiko store in Birmingham, along with two powder eyeshadows that I have yet to wear. The stick eyeshadows were all on sale, so I assumed they were being discontinued, but they’re still on Kiko’s website at their original price of £6.90. I certainly hope they’re here to stay, because they’re fantastic products that have received almost universally positive reviews. One of the less-than-positive reviews is mine, actually: the first Kiko stick eyeshadow I tried was 16 Purple (pardon the ultra-LQ photos in that post), a shimmery dark purple that was patchy and hard to blend. I must have chosen the worst shade in the line, because all the other shades I’ve swatched have gone on smoothly and evenly, and Golden Mauve is no exception.

Kiko’s stick eyeshadows are cream shadows with finishes ranging from pearl to full-on sparkle. The packaging is a black twist-up tube with a cap that snaps on tightly and a colored end-piece (sorry, I don’t know what to call it) indicating the shade. I’ve found just one flaw in Golden Mauve’s packaging: when I twist the product back down, some of the shadow sticks to the walls of the tube. That doesn’t interfere with performance, but it does mean that the stick looks a bit sloppy in the photo above.

Kiko promises 8-hour wear and “no transfer” for the stick eyeshadows. If anything, I’d say they’re being too modest. This stuff stays. It goes on very creamy—I like to apply it to my finger and smear it across my mobile lid, then blend out the crease with powder shadow—but it sets fully in a couple of minutes. Cream eyeshadows are great for eyelids with as many creases as mine: in general, they’re more forgiving and easier to blend than powders. Golden Mauve is packed with gold glitter, but I don’t notice much fallout at the end of the day. I can spot some stray glitter if I really scrutinize my undereye area, but it’s not strewn across my cheeks or anything. I’ve tried Golden Mauve with and without primer but haven’t noticed much difference in performance, which I think is usual for cream formulas. 

“Golden Mauve” is a peculiar name, and the shade itself is a shifty one. The base color is a purply-pinky mauve that looks decidedly cool-toned in the tube, but all that gold sparkle transforms the shadow into a warm rose gold on my lids. Here it is hand-swatched outside, in indirect (left) and direct sunlight:

Left to right: Golden Mauve, Seventeen Statuesque, Maybelline Pomegranate Punk. I didn’t get home before sunset today, so I had to take this photo in artificial light. I’ll add a photo in natural light tomorrow, if I get a chance:

Update: Same order, in daylight. That’s two swipes of Pomegranate Punk and one each of the other two:

Blended out on my lids, Golden Mauve and Pomegranate Punk don’t look quite as different as they do above. However, I find myself using Pomegranate Punk for more “dramatic” looks and Golden Mauve for more “professional” ones (both adjectives in scare quotes because I’m too cowardly for truly dramatic eye looks and I’m not a real professional). Today I wore Golden Mauve with theBalm Sexy, a matte burgundy, in the crease and outer V, and Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Demolition on my lashlines:

I was meeting with my advisor this morning to discuss my job materials, and I told myself that if I spent more time than usual on my eye makeup, I’d be less likely to let myself cry. It worked, and now I can still say that I have yet to cry in front of any of my grad-school professors (undergrad professors, on the other hand…). I also wore Sleek Flushed on my cheeks and Milani Matte Naked on my lips for an overall berry-nude autumnal ~color story~.

As glittery as Golden Mauve is, I don’t feel particularly showy or dressed-up when I wear it. The base color is neutral enough that the glitter is just like, “Who, me?”

By the way, thanks to everyone who gave me such helpful advice in the comments of my last post! I ordered Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant from Dermstore, and I’m liking it so far (not that I can deliver much of a verdict, having used it just once).

6 thoughts on “Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in Golden Mauve

  1. Oooh that's such a pretty colour! I really like the Kiko stuff I picked up in Belgium, but they don't ship to Canada apparently, so I feel intense bitterness right now. Golden Mauve really does look like an eyeshadow I would actually wear, too.Writing abstracts is so hard. Which makes me feel a tiny bit bad about how critical I am about abstracts, but I do read hundreds of them every day, so it's hard not to.


  2. That is indeed a lovely color. I do love rose golds and mauves but have accepted that they barely show on my olive skin. Plus, mauve lipsticks make me look a bit sicky.You look great with the berry-nude palette. Makes me wonder if I can duplicate the color scheme with more flattering berry shades.Oh, and I'll check out Kiko if I have the opportunity.


  3. \”to prove to myself that there's more to life than watching American democracy go down the toilet while I revise my dissertation abstract for the dozenth time\”AHAHAHAHAHAHA RIGHT why is this my lifeIn other news, you look mad pretty in that next to last shot. I think all of those colors just work so well on your skintone, with your hair color, with that shirt…okay, you get me. I'll just be over here in my corner.


  4. Not crying in front of professors is an impressive accomplishment, but I hope you won't beat yourself up if it eventually happens!I had early negative experiences with cream shadows, and I think it's because I used crappy ones that didn't set.


  5. Golden Mauve looks lovely on you! I need to check out more of their colors :-)I hope the BHA works for you — it can take a while, but let us know!Good luck with your job search. The quality of the competetiveness in the academic job market seems especially brutal in an underhanded, sneaky, hypocritical kind of way. It certainly doesn't seem geared toward recruiting brilliant teachers. Brilliant researchers, maybe, but I get the sense that anyone who's much outside the box gets punished pretty ruthlessly — hard to maintain creativity in that kind of situation.Not that the job market is easy in any industry these days…


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