Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom (Plus Another Rant)

Glossier keeps coming up with new marketing strategies to put me off and new products to tempt me back in. No sooner had I planned a post on Glossier's MLM-esque rep program than they released a fucking birthday-cake-scented lip balm with sparkles and holographic packaging. I have a price, and Glossier knows it. So this … Continue reading Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom (Plus Another Rant)

Low-Buy 2017 Progress Report: March

I'm back with some makeup and some thoughts! New Makeup: L-R: Whirl, Metal Head, Men Love Mystery, Puff, Otherworldly. Swatches, same order. Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff: $14.40 (20% off) MAC Matte Lipstick in Men Love Mystery: $15 (15% off, plus tax) MAC Metallic Lipstick in Metal Head: purchased with Nordstrom store credit (usually $18) … Continue reading Low-Buy 2017 Progress Report: March

Your Daily Memento Mori, Courtesy of Ulta

Earlier today, while scrolling through Facebook and minding my own business (well, other people's business, if we're getting technical), I came upon this Ulta ad: Okay. Okay. LET'S UNPACK THIS, as we say in the lit-crit biz. In one sense, this is your typical "#yolo buy all the things" message. I received a similar message … Continue reading Your Daily Memento Mori, Courtesy of Ulta

On the “Fakeness” of Social Media

Yesterday I came across a very insightful post on r/MakeupRehab, titled "A thought on the fakeness of Instagram..." It's a long post, so I won't quote it in full, but the writer argues that successful Instagrammers like her sister, women whose posts feature them "in trendy places in even trendier outfits," perpetuate an internalized misogyny … Continue reading On the “Fakeness” of Social Media

Marc Jacobs Rei of Light and Bonus Super-Fun Class Anxiety

Earlier this year, I attended a department dinner in honor of a visiting speaker. One professor decided that the best topic on which to engage the graduate students near him was opera. He held forth about the various operas he'd seen recently in New York, and it turned out that quite a few of my … Continue reading Marc Jacobs Rei of Light and Bonus Super-Fun Class Anxiety