Lipstick Chronology #5: A Tale of Two Undertones, Part 2

Name: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude

Date of Purchase: September 2011

Grade: B+

Notes: This was one of many Tumblr-induced lipstick purchases at the CVS across from campus. That summer, I’d kept coming across images like this one, from Creatures of the Wind Spring/Summer 2012:


Now, if I asked you how you’d replicate this look (created by James Boehmer for NARS), you’d probably mention the model’s eye makeup first, not her lipstick. You’d say something intelligent about how the nude lipstick mutes her lip color so her gorgeous pastel eyeliner and gleaming cheekbones stand out. None of this occurred to me when I first saw the image. Instead, I decided that all I needed to imitate it was a nude lipstick. I chose a stark beige nude with no pink undertones. Oh, and I didn’t own any other makeup. Because I am a kind, giving person, I’ve reproduced the result for you.


To quote the best vanity license plate I’ve ever seen: YEAH…NO.

That said, this is not the worst nude lipstick for my coloring. It looks far too warm in the tube, but it’s sheer enough that some of my natural lip pigmentation peeks through. With some eye makeup to balance it out, it’s not half bad. Even a pair of glasses improves the overall effect:


(This lipstick really begs to be worn with eyeliner or a smokey eye, but one of my eyes has been irritated for a couple of days and I don’t want to play around with eye makeup right now, so this is is what you get.) (I’m posting this on blogspot a month after writing it on tumblr, and I have no such excuse now, except laziness.)

In a later post, I’ll review L’Oreal Fairest Nude, the cruelest of lipsticks: a perfect color in a terrible formula, with no known dupes. (One hears encouraging things about MAC Blankety, but I’ve tried on Blankety and it’s too corpsey-brown for my complexion.) Here is Fairest Nude to the right of Soft Nude, to give you an idea of the shade I’ve been seeking for over a year now, with no success so far.


A white person searches for a slight variation on her own shade of white: THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

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