Lipstick Chronology #6: Revlon Cherries in the Snow

Name: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow

Date of Purchase: August 2011

Grade: A

Notes: It’s snowing! I didn’t plan for this post to intersect with Winter Storm Janus, but isn’t it nice how that worked out? (Addendum, a month after writing the post: If I’d reposted it on blogspot yesterday, or two days before yesterday, or a week ago, I could have said the same thing. God, this winter.)

Premiered in 1953, Cherries in the Snow is one of the oldest lip colors on the market. Here’s the original ad, equal parts patronizing and surreal:


Who knows there was a morning when your orange juice sparkled like champagne?

There’s a certain thrill to wearing a 61-year-old lip color. It’s a firsthand link to the past, more tangible, immediate, and beautifully mundane than a book or a work of art. There’s also a matching nail polish, which my 89-year-old grandmother and I both happen to own:


Cherries in the Snow is usually described as red, but I see it as a deep, pigmented, almost glowing raspberry pink. (One of my favorite beauty blogs, Lipglossiping, wrote a post to that effect: “This isn’t a red lipstick and I’m sick of hearing it described as a blue-based red. It’s pink. Pink like Nicki Minaj can only f*cking dream of.”) Here are two arm swatches, the first under natural light and the second under artificial light, to give you some idea of the intensity of the color:


Here it looks more pink, almost fuchsia…


…but here it skews more red. I wouldn’t call it Nicki Minaj pink (in my collection, that honor is reserved for MAC Pink Nouveau), but it’s pink as hell.

I can’t say enough good things about Cherries in the Snow. I think it would look gorgeous on anyone, regardless of skin tone. I love lip colors that straddle the pink-red divide, and this is one of the best of those. The formula is creamy but surprisingly long-wearing: I wore it to my 24th-birthday dinner at the (now defunct, alas) Magnolia Grill in Durham, and it stayed on my lips through three courses. Oh, and it somehow makes my lips look fuller? What is this magic?


The nail polish is great, too—opaque in one coat, though I prefer to use two.


I feel fancy.

This will be my last Revlon post in a while. Next, my first MAC lipstick! Exciting stuff.

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