Preview: NYX Haul (For Lack of a Synonym)

I hate the word “haul.” Hate it with a passion. And yet:

Yesterday my long-awaited NYX package arrived: two Butter Glosses, two eyeliners, three eyeshadow singles, and an eyeshadow primer. I’m writing this from the train to Washington, so reviews will have to wait a few days, but I can give you some spoilers: I’m very impressed with the glosses, the liners, and the primer, but the eyeshadows might be the worst I’ve ever tried. Why so hit-and-miss, NYX?

For that matter, what’s with your byzantine “simple and easy” return policy? (“Call 1.866.NYX.1004 and ask for internet returns and exchanges. Give them your order number and reason for return or exchange. Mail package with return/exchange items inside along with a completed return/exchange form…Please allow up to 3 weeks from the time you call until the time you receive your refund on your exchange.”) I suspect this is all meant to discourage me from pursuing my wasted $13.50, but that’s half a Face Stockholm cream blush, damn it.

In better news, I’m currently wearing the Butter Gloss in Raspberry Tart, a pretty pinky-purple, and my lips feel moisturized and happy. And it’s the first day of spring!

See you on Sunday, if my spotty home internet cooperates. It’s sad when the Amtrak wireless connection is faster than your own.

3 thoughts on “Preview: NYX Haul (For Lack of a Synonym)

  1. Raspberry Tart looks so lovely on you – I've often wondered about the NYX eyeshadows, I had a palette in the past that wasn't amazing but I think it was how I was applying it. I adore the butter glosses – need to get my hands on some more shades I think!


  2. Why, thank you! And the eyeshadows I bought are truly appalling; NYX should be ashamed of itself for selling them. I'll have all the reviews up today or tomorrow! My home wireless connection has given up the ghost and I'm waiting for a new modem to be delivered…


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