ColourPop Spring 2018 Butterfly Collection, Part 1: Face Duo in Winging It

For the past few years, I’ve been performing two beauty-related rites of spring. The first rite involves destashing a bunch of lipsticks (more on that soon). The second rite consists of searching for a pinky-red coral lipstick and a lavender blush. Those searches usually end in failure, though for different reasons. There are thousands of coral lipsticks on the market, but only a small percentage of corals flatter me. Most lavender and lavender-pink blushes flatter me, but only a small percentage of blushes are lavender. I’ve tried so many coral lipsticks that made me look dead and so many blushes that promised lavender but delivered neutral pink. I should have learned my lesson by now. Yet every spring, without fail, I take up the quest again.

This year’s coral lipstick and lavender blush come from the same source: ColourPop’s Spring 2018 Butterfly Collection. Like many ColourPop collections, it comprises an overwhelming number of new products: eight Lux Lipsticks, six Lippie Stix, 14 Super Shock Shadows, a few sets of different combinations of those shadows, and three blush/highlighter duos. I ordered the Lux Lipstick in Dream Easy, the face duo in Winging It, and the Super Shock Shadow in Ladybird, a sheer pale gold with silvery glitter (still haven’t abandoned that fantasy of k-pop-worthy sparkle). I also bought the Super Shock Shadow in Muse, a metallic rose gold, which is from the permanent collection. This post will focus on Winging It, and I’ll review Dream Easy and Ladybird in a second post, which should go up over the weekend.

Most of the Butterfly Collection’s packaging is adorable, with embroidered-looking butterflies and beetles on bright backgrounds. Even the Super Shock Shadows have tiny butterflies printed on the lids! I appreciate the attention to detail, especially from a brand with a low (though steadily rising) price point.

Clockwise from top: Muse, Ladybird, Winging It, Dream Easy.

Of the four products in my haul, Winging It ($16) excited me most. I would have preferred to buy the blush without the highlighter, but since I didn’t own a lavender highlighter, I was happy to try that as well. Winging It is called a “Pressed Powder Face Duo” on the ColourPop website and a “Highlighting Cheek Duo” on the packaging, which is confusing; I hope ColourPop makes up its mind about the name before releasing more duos.

I was disappointed to discover thar the cute butterfly packaging is a removable sleeve. Slide it off and you’re faced with a boring white cardboard compact resembling a factory prototype. For $16, I’d expect at least a half-assed metallic butterfly stamped on the lid.

On the bright side, the blah packaging gave me an excuse to use one of the cute stickers I hoard. This one is by Joanna Behar, who also makes adorable enamel pins.

Winging It consists of a satin-finish blush called Whirl, a “soft lilac,” and a powder highlighter called Swirl, an “icy metallic lilac.” As we all know by now, ColourPop’s product shots are comically inaccurate. On the website, the two shades look very pale and very similar to each other; in real life, they’re significantly deeper, and Swirl is warmer-toned and more muted than Whirl. The face duos deliver a hefty amount of product: 0.25 oz per pan, 0.5 oz total. (By contrast, Urban Decay blushes are 0.23 oz and NARS blushes are 0.16 oz.) A mirror in the compact would have been nice, but we can’t have it all.

A closer look:

In action, the two shades resemble one another more closely. They lean pinker on my cool-toned skin than they do in the pan, but they’re still comfortably within lavender territory. On warmer-toned people, they’ll probably pull more violet.

And here they are swatched alongside a few other blushes that let me down in past springs by not being lavender. L-R: Swirl, Whirl, NARS Mata Hari, NARS Threesome, Glossier Puff.

This photo (taken in direct sunlight) is less color-accurate, but it does a better job of showcasing Whirl’s slightly shinier finish compared to the other blushes:

Whirl has an odd texture, one that I see more often in eyeshadows than in blushes: soft, loosely pressed, and almost crumbly, with intense pigmentation. I’m not devastated about this, given that my last true lavender blush was practically invisible on my skin, but I do have to be careful with my brush. One small tap is all I need, and I have to blend out the product hard if I don’t want doll cheeks. However, I’m delighted to report that Whirl is exactly the color I was looking for all those years! [Edit, 3/8/22: I eventually decided that it was not, in fact, that color.]

Below, I’m wearing Whirl without highlighter, along with Glossier Lidstar in Fawn and Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk.

Despite my usual preference for cream highlighters, I’m enjoying Swirl as well. It’s almost as pigmented as Whirl, so I have to be careful while building it up on my skin. Like other powder highlights I’ve tried, it does emphasize texture on my cheeks, and it’s a little more metallic than the highlighters I usually wear. But it’s really pretty! In natural light, it looks more silvery than lavender, but in artificial light, the purple comes through. Because it’s on the dark side for me, I like applying it a bit forward on the cheekbones, so that it functions as a blush topper. (Ugh, I hate that term and never thought I’d use it except to complain about it. Forgive me.)

Here’s Swirl in natural light, with a nude cream blush (Illamasqua Zygomatic). Excuse my daft expression; it’s not easy to take good closeup shots of a sliver of your face. I’m also wearing Glossier Fawn (again! I can’t stop!) and Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit in Nice to Fuchsia.

Same day (today, in fact), in bright artificial light:

Finally, here’s Swirl layered on top of Whirl for the perfect fairytale cheek. My lipstick is MAC Rebel, which I’m thinking about destashing: I just don’t get along with the formula, which feels weirdly thick and slippery and stains my lips something fierce.

Anyway! Quibbles with formula and packaging aside, I’m very pleased with the Winging It duo (even if ColourPop did use the phrase “first thing’s first” [sic] in the product description). My search for lavender blush is over…well, until next spring.

14 thoughts on “ColourPop Spring 2018 Butterfly Collection, Part 1: Face Duo in Winging It

  1. Part of me wonders if the shoddy grammar and punctuation are part of a CUNNING SCHEME to seem, well, too cool for grammar and punctuation…and another part of me thinks, nah, people just don't copyedit things anymore.


  2. Revlon came out with a limited release blush in their \”Color Charge\” line called \”no rules.\” It looks straight up purple in the pan but shows up like a light lavender on my skin tone, which is very similar to yours (Chantilly/Vanilla in the NARS RCC depending on season). It's also only like $8.


  3. I was not aware of this collection until I saw it on your Instagram, which makes me very happy. I've almost entirely disconnected from ColourPop at this point, but occasionally a post like this reels me back in. Dammit. Whirl looks beautiful! I've also wanted a lavender blush for a long time, but I'm not entirely certain I will actually use one. This combo looks so good with those magenta lip colours, too!


  4. I'm very disconnected from ColourPop as well, but I do click around their website once a month or so to see what's new, which is how I discovered the spring collection. This blush is absolutely massive and I doubt I'll ever hit pan, especially because it's such a seasonal color, but I hope I'll get a good amount of use from it in the spring and summer.


  5. I try to stick to cruelty-free products, so I've never actually bought anything from Clinique. Though goodness knows I've purchased things from other brands that aren't cruelty-free, so I'm not sure why I've never even swatched Pansy Pop. From photos, it looks very similar to Whirl!


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  7. […] There’s a lot of Glossier on both my best-of-2018 and worst-of-2018 lists because, well, I had a lot of Glossier store credit in 2018. I like the Lidstar formula in general (and even put Slip on my best-of list), but Moon just didn’t work for me. It was too sheer, it clumped up in my eyelid creases, and I couldn’t get a smooth-looking application even with the thinnest layer. I should mention, though, that I gave away Moon before I figured out the trick of blending the Lidstars with a synthetic brush, so it could be that Moon would have performed better with that method. 5. ColourPop Face Duo in Winging It (reviewed here) […]


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